Block Pave Driveway - Cobham

This driveway has been created to achieve maximum parking space for the client, whilst also retaining an area of lawn that would soften the look and feel of the space. The addition of new flower beds and removal of small trees has really opened up the property.

Prior to the works, the driveway consisted of an uneven tarmac surface which had been repaired over the years. Due to the fact that the driveway was on such a steep slope, this had to be addressed to ensure practicality when getting out of a vehicle. We presented a number of different options to the client during the consultation process, and it was decided that a camber roll to the top half of the drive would help combat this.

  • Block paving & levelling of area
  • Creation of camber roll
  • Removal of trees & shrubbery
  • Acco drainage system
  • Laying of new lawn