Front & Back Refurb

This job consisted of two small paved areas. One was to extend the existing patio and the other was to create a large granite sett hump to differ rain water from flooding the driveway.

We managed to source an identical York stone in exactly the same condition which matched the patio perfectly. The new area to the patio was edged with a brick on edge and York stone crazy paving internally.

The driveway had suffered from excess rainwater when the flooding road would spill into the drive in bad weather conditions. The idea was to create a ‘camber’ which would stop the rainwater over flowing onto the drive. The setts were left slightly recessed to ensure shingle remained safely on the drive and not on the road.

  • Widening patio by excavating
  • Infilled with sufficient sub-base
  • Laying old York stone
  • Excavating mouth of driveway
  • Infilled with sufficient sub-base
  • Laying 200mm x 100mm granite setts