Full Landscape, Cobham

This was an ongoing project which was completed in stages. The first stage was to rotavate, re-level and turf the raised lawn area. Shingle pathways were incorporated into this area and a wooden seating structure built to the corner part of the garden. The flower beds were left as they were and new lavender plants planted.

The second stage of the project was to create a planting area in front of the sleeper walling using permeable membrane and bark chippings around the plants.

Stage three involved paving the area and installing a sandstone circle set to the middle of the patio. Timber trellises were erected to the left hand side of the garden to create a frame to grow climbing plants. This also helped screen the neighbouring property and allowed them privacy.

  • Relevelling & Turfing
  • Planting
  • Laying paving & circle set
  • Erecting timber trellises